Latest Features in BLK3D Mobile and Desktop Software 2.0

By Christopher Dollard

Your suggestions have been heard, and we’ve taken them to heart! Following your valuable feedback and innovative ideas aimed at enhancing BLK3D workflows, we are thrilled to unveil a host of fantastic new features in the 2.0 version of BLK3D Mobile and Desktop. This update brings significant enhancements to sharing, collaboration, measurement functions, and file management. As soon as your BLK3D Mobile or Desktop Software is connected to the internet, you’ll receive an automatic notification prompting you to download and install this exciting update.

Make your BLK3D images accessible online and take measurements directly in your web browser with Leica BLK3D Web.

Enable universal access to 3D images and measurement capabilities through Leica BLK3D Web on desktop internet browsers. With the Publisher License option, 3D image owners can share access for viewing and measuring in any web browser, without the need for BLK3D software. By generating and sending a hyperlink directly from BLK3D Mobile and Desktop, users can effortlessly share 3D images, and recipients can view and measure them for free.

The sharing link remains active for 30 days, and users have the flexibility to republish images at their convenience. For optimal performance, Leica BLK3D Web is designed to work seamlessly with a mouse and scroll wheel, facilitating efficient point selection, zooming, and measurement. Note that touchscreen browsers on smartphones or tablets are currently not supported.

BLK3D Mobile Updates

Experience enhanced functionality with the latest BLK3D Mobile updates, designed to elevate accuracy, streamline file management, and optimize performance. Here are the key additions:

  1. Laser Assisted Capture: Simplify the Reality Capture process with Laser Assist, providing a more straightforward and efficient capture experience.
  2. Picture Brightness in Measure: Adjust image brightness during or after capture using a slider. Fine-tune the brightness level to facilitate easier and more accurate measurements.
  3. Autonomous Measurement: Employ Automatic Edge Detection to identify and measure up to four prominent lines in a 3D image. Trigger this function multiple times to add additional measurements to your images.
  4. Improved File Management: Navigate exported files seamlessly with the new Exports folder in Organiser. Open, sort, rename, and delete files easily, and share them with any installed app on your BLK3D device.
  5. Laser Point-to-Point (P2P) Measurements (article # 864980 required): Unlock advanced measurement capabilities with laser P2P measuring. Extend measurements to hard-to-access distances and areas, with a range of up to 250 meters using the DST 360 mounted on the TRI 120 tripod (article # 864980 required).

Stay ahead with these updates, providing a more versatile and efficient experience for your BLK3D Mobile usage.

BLK3D Desktop Updates

Discover enhanced measuring functionality and flexible licensing options with the latest additions to the BLK3D Desktop software:

Copy Measurements to Clipboard:
Seamlessly integrate your measurement data into various workflows with the new Copy Measurements to Clipboard feature. Select a measurement, and the distance value is automatically copied to your computer’s clipboard, ready to be pasted into any software or workflow.

Floating BLK3D Software Licenses:
Gain unparalleled flexibility with Floating BLK3D Software Licenses. Now, you can access BLK3D Desktop on multiple computers without the need to re-host your license(s). If, for instance, you have a need for 5 users on BLK3D Desktop, simply purchase 5 seats and use them on any computer within your network.

Activate a floating license on any PC by entering your EID.
Connect any PC to the License Server to seamlessly use BLK3D Desktop.
Empower your workflow with these new features in BLK3D Desktop, ensuring efficient and versatile usage of the software across different computing environments.

Other Improvements in BLK3D Mobile and Desktop 2.0

  • Auto image rotation*
  • Auto snap to existing points*
  • GPS position for 3D images in PDF report with link to Google Maps
  • GPS position in JPG files EXIF header
  • Rework of error handling dialogues
  • More robust multi-shot capture
  • Status icons in Organiser
  • Updated user manual

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